Pascal Contet studied in Germany and Denmark. He was awarded many prizes (Menuhin, Cziffra, Lavoisier, Daad). The prize from the Foundation Marcel Bleustein pour la Vocation he won in 1989 helped him conceive an exhibition on the history of the accordion.

As a member of Ensemble 2e2m, he endeavours to build a new repertoire and his will to challenge artistic borders encourages him to tackle improvised and stage musics (Jacques Rebotier, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Andy Emler), to take part in premieres and in choreographic pieces (Loïc Touzé, Fattoumi/Lamoureux Company, Improvisation workshop with Suzan Buirge), and to work with visual artists (Hata Satoshi for Sapporo 99 Snow Festival).

He premiered pieces by Luciano Berio (the part of the clown-musician in the opera Outis, Châtelet 1999), Claude Ballif, Philippe Fénelon, Bernard Cavanna, Jean Françaix (this latter dedicated him his Concerto for accordion).

With IRCAM, he set up a sound database which may be consulted on the « studio on line » website.

In May 2000 he was awarded the Mogens Ellegaard Prize for his work by the Danish government.



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